Scrolly - A beautiful custom scrollbar for every page

CharityVid - Front-end Optimization

I've written a lot about the backend behind CharityVid, but there is quite a bit of front things that get overlooked when developing a web application. Specifically, front end optimization (eg. page load times, browser compatibility, server latency, etc.) Let's begin with page load.

Avabranch Mobile

CharityVid - Server Configuration

In this post, I will focus on how I run and update the servers, using the following tools:

CharityVid - Prepping for scale

In this post, I will outline how I setup horizontal scaling on AWS EC2, and also how I added server monitoring tools to watch my servers. I will go over:

Polish.js - Making JavaScript Better


ROP (Return Oriented Programming) - The Basics

If you haven't read my blog post on buffer overflows, I recommend you read it to better understand this post. This is based on the CTF competition picoCTF, but should apply to most (basic) ROP problems.

Escaping the Python Sandbox

(ROP, Overflow, format 2, mildly evil, more evilbroken cbcevergreen (2), black hole, broken rsa, chromatophoria(2), harder serialrobomunication)

Buffer Overflows - The Basics

Recently I competed in picoCTF, a hacker CTF game, and thought I would share some of my solutions. The first of which, is how I did the buffer overflow(s). (for those that don't know, CTF consists of 'flags' which are special strings that you get by exploiting vulnerabilities in programs).

CharityVid - A new way to donate to charity

ZFeed (Source)

ZFeed is an app I wrote for the Sails.js hackathon. Basically It's a front-end that I find useful for consuming my Google Reader RSS feed. I have all of my subscriptions in one feed, and every day I go through and read/glance at every single article in it (~70 per day). However, I had a few issues with how Google was showing me my articles, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My js1k submission: Flurry

App: Flurry

How to deploy node.js applications



Back-light Music LEDs