CTO/Co-Founder Clay.io



I have joined Clay.io as CTO/Co-Founder, after we raised a ~$500k seed round, and just 6 months after dropping out of high school and moving to San Francisco to join Nomic.

Zethos - $3.5 million in 1kb

The Pond at Mobile World Congress with Firefox OS

Dematerializer - Blogging for developers

Dropping out of High School to Join a Startup in San Francisco

N Queens Problem - Backtracking

Promiz Micro - Promises in 228 bytes (min+gzip)

Zoggle - Rewritten Using AngularJS

How to turn a WebApp into a native Android application in 5 minutes


The Pond


Read my guest post on Mozilla Hacks

Retin.us - Naive Bayes Machine Learning Basics

戦士 - Senshi (an MMO Battle-Royale inspired game)


A real-time MMO Battle-Royale inspired game, with permadeath (names can never be reused). Source: github.com/Zolmeister/senshi - Sprite Attribution: Ghosa Audio editor: senshi.zolmeister.com/audio.html

Tanzania, Africa - In 1.75 Million Particles

Source: github.com/Zolmeister/tanzania (page: tanzania.zolmeister.com/full) Note: Requires WebGL